GEOS  3.9.0dev
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NgeosBasic namespace for all GEOS functionalities
 NalgorithmContains classes and interfaces implementing fundamental computational geometry algorithms
 NgeomgraphContains classes that implement topology graphs
 NindexProvides classes for various kinds of spatial indexes
 NioContains the interfaces for converting JTS objects to and from other formats
 NlinearrefContains classes and interfaces implementing linear referencing on linear geometries
 NnodingClasses to compute nodings for arrangements of line segments and line segment sequences
 NoperationProvides classes for implementing operations on geometries
 NplanargraphContains classes to implement a planar graph data structure
 NprecisionProvides classes for manipulating the precision model of Geometries
 NsimplifyClasses which implement algorithms for simplifying or generalizing geometries
 NtriangulateClasses to compute Delaunay triangulations
 NutilUtility classes for GEOS