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geos::noding::SegmentNode Class Reference

Represents an intersection point between two NodedSegmentString. More...

#include <SegmentNode.h>

Public Member Functions

 SegmentNode (const NodedSegmentString &ss, const geom::Coordinate &nCoord, size_t nSegmentIndex, int nSegmentOctant)
bool isInterior () const
 Return true if this Node is internal (not on the boundary) of the corresponding segment. Currently only the first segment endpoint is checked, actually.
bool isEndPoint (unsigned int maxSegmentIndex) const
int compareTo (const SegmentNode &other)

Public Attributes

geom::Coordinate coord
 the point of intersection (own copy)
size_t segmentIndex
 the index of the containing line segment in the parent edge


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const SegmentNode &n)

Detailed Description

Represents an intersection point between two NodedSegmentString.

Final class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geos::noding::SegmentNode::SegmentNode ( const NodedSegmentString ss,
const geom::Coordinate nCoord,
size_t  nSegmentIndex,
int  nSegmentOctant 

Construct a node on the given NodedSegmentString

ssthe parent NodedSegmentString
nCoordthe coordinate of the intersection, will be copied
nSegmentIndexthe index of the segment on parent NodedSegmentString where the Node is located.

Member Function Documentation

int geos::noding::SegmentNode::compareTo ( const SegmentNode other)
-1 this EdgeIntersection is located before the argument location
0 this EdgeIntersection is at the argument location
1 this EdgeIntersection is located after the argument location

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