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geos::index::strtree::Boundable Class Referenceabstract

A spatial object in an AbstractSTRtree. More...

#include <Boundable.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::index::strtree::Boundable:
geos::index::strtree::AbstractNode geos::index::strtree::ItemBoundable

Public Member Functions

virtual const void * getBounds () const =0

Detailed Description

A spatial object in an AbstractSTRtree.

Member Function Documentation

virtual const void* geos::index::strtree::Boundable::getBounds ( ) const
pure virtual

Returns a representation of space that encloses this Boundable, preferably not much bigger than this Boundable's boundary yet fast to test for intersection with the bounds of other Boundables.

The class of object returned depends on the subclass of AbstractSTRtree.

an Envelope (for STRtrees), an Interval (for SIRtrees), or other object (for other subclasses of AbstractSTRtree)
See also

Implemented in geos::index::strtree::AbstractNode, and geos::index::strtree::ItemBoundable.

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