GEOS  3.8.0dev
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geos::simplify::TaggedLineString Class Reference

Contains and owns a list of TaggedLineSegments. More...

#include <TaggedLineString.h>

Public Types

typedef std::vector
< geom::Coordinate
typedef std::unique_ptr
< CoordVect > 
typedef geom::CoordinateSequence CoordSeq
typedef std::unique_ptr
< geom::CoordinateSequence

Public Member Functions

 TaggedLineString (const geom::LineString *nParentLine, std::size_t minimumSize=2)
std::size_t getMinimumSize () const
const geom::LineStringgetParent () const
const CoordSeqgetParentCoordinates () const
CoordSeqPtr getResultCoordinates () const
std::size_t getResultSize () const
TaggedLineSegmentgetSegment (std::size_t i)
const TaggedLineSegmentgetSegment (std::size_t i) const
std::vector< TaggedLineSegment * > & getSegments ()
const std::vector
< TaggedLineSegment * > & 
getSegments () const
void addToResult (std::unique_ptr< TaggedLineSegment > seg)
std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometryasLineString () const
std::unique_ptr< geom::GeometryasLinearRing () const

Detailed Description

Contains and owns a list of TaggedLineSegments.

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