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geos::noding::IntersectionFinderAdder Class Reference

Finds proper and interior intersections in a set of SegmentStrings, and adds them as nodes. More...

#include <IntersectionFinderAdder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IntersectionFinderAdder (algorithm::LineIntersector &newLi, std::vector< geom::Coordinate > &v)
void processIntersections (SegmentString *e0, size_t segIndex0, SegmentString *e1, size_t segIndex1) override
std::vector< geom::Coordinate > & getInteriorIntersections ()
bool isDone () const override

Detailed Description

Finds proper and interior intersections in a set of SegmentStrings, and adds them as nodes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geos::noding::IntersectionFinderAdder::IntersectionFinderAdder ( algorithm::LineIntersector newLi,
std::vector< geom::Coordinate > &  v 

Creates an intersection finder which finds all proper intersections and stores them in the provided Coordinate array

lithe LineIntersector to use
vthe Vector to push interior intersections to

Member Function Documentation

bool geos::noding::IntersectionFinderAdder::isDone ( ) const

Always process all intersections

false always

Reimplemented from geos::noding::SegmentIntersector.

void geos::noding::IntersectionFinderAdder::processIntersections ( SegmentString e0,
size_t  segIndex0,
SegmentString e1,
size_t  segIndex1 

This method is called by clients of the SegmentIntersector class to process intersections for two segments of the SegmentStrings being intersected. Note that some clients (such as MonotoneChains) may optimize away this call for segment pairs which they have determined do not intersect (e.g. by an disjoint envelope test).

Implements geos::noding::SegmentIntersector.

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