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geos::geom::Coordinate Class Reference

Coordinate is the lightweight class used to store coordinates. More...

#include <geos.h>

Public Types

typedef std::set< const
*, CoordinateLessThen
 A set of const Coordinate pointers.
typedef std::vector< const
Coordinate * > 
 A vector of const Coordinate pointers.
typedef std::stack< const
Coordinate * > 
 A stack of const Coordinate pointers.
typedef std::vector< CoordinateVect
 A vector of Coordinate objects (real object, not pointers)

Public Member Functions

void setNull ()
bool isNull () const
 Coordinate (double xNew=0.0, double yNew=0.0, double zNew=DoubleNotANumber)
bool equals2D (const Coordinate &other) const
bool equals (const Coordinate &other) const
 2D only
int compareTo (const Coordinate &other) const
 TODO: deprecate this, move logic to CoordinateLessThen instead.
bool equals3D (const Coordinate &other) const
 3D comparison
std::string toString () const
 Returns a string of the form (x,y,z) .
double distance (const Coordinate &p) const
int hashCode () const

Static Public Member Functions

static CoordinategetNull ()
static int hashCode (double d)

Public Attributes

double x
double y
double z

Detailed Description

Coordinate is the lightweight class used to store coordinates.

It is distinct from Point, which is a subclass of Geometry. Unlike objects of type Point (which contain additional information such as an envelope, a precision model, and spatial reference system information), a Coordinate only contains ordinate values and accessor methods.

Coordinate objects are two-dimensional points, with an additional z-ordinate. JTS does not support any operations on the z-ordinate except the basic accessor functions.

Constructed coordinates will have a z-ordinate of DoubleNotANumber. The standard comparison functions will ignore the z-ordinate.

Member Function Documentation

double geos::geom::Coordinate::distance ( const Coordinate p) const

TODO: obsoleted this, can use PrecisionModel::makePrecise(Coordinate*) instead

static int geos::geom::Coordinate::hashCode ( double  d)

Returns a hash code for a double value, using the algorithm from Joshua Bloch's book Effective Java

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