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geos::triangulate::IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator Class Reference

#include <IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator.h>

Public Types

typedef std::vector
< quadedge::Vertex

Public Member Functions

 IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator (quadedge::QuadEdgeSubdivision *subdiv)
void insertSites (const VertexList &vertices)
quadedge::QuadEdgeinsertSite (const quadedge::Vertex &v)

Detailed Description

Computes a Delauanay Triangulation of a set of quadedge::Vertexes, using an incrementatal insertion algorithm.

JTS: Martin Davis
Benjamin Campbell

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geos::triangulate::IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator::IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator ( quadedge::QuadEdgeSubdivision subdiv)

Creates a new triangulator using the given quadedge::QuadEdgeSubdivision. The triangulator uses the tolerance of the supplied subdivision.

subdiva subdivision in which to build the TIN

Member Function Documentation

quadedge::QuadEdge& geos::triangulate::IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator::insertSite ( const quadedge::Vertex v)

Inserts a new point into a subdivision representing a Delaunay triangulation, and fixes the affected edges so that the result is still a Delaunay triangulation.

a quadedge containing the inserted vertex
void geos::triangulate::IncrementalDelaunayTriangulator::insertSites ( const VertexList &  vertices)

Inserts all sites in a collection. The inserted vertices MUST be unique up to the provided tolerance value. (i.e. no two vertices should be closer than the provided tolerance value). They do not have to be rounded to the tolerance grid, however.

verticesa Collection of Vertex
LocateFailureExceptionif the location algorithm fails to converge in a reasonable number of iterations

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