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geos::io::WKTWriter Class Reference

Outputs the textual representation of a Geometry. See also WKTReader. More...

#include <geos.h>

Public Member Functions

std::string write (const geom::Geometry *geometry)
 Returns WKT string for the given Geometry.
void write (const geom::Geometry *geometry, Writer *writer)
std::string writeFormatted (const geom::Geometry *geometry)
void writeFormatted (const geom::Geometry *geometry, Writer *writer)
void setRoundingPrecision (int p0)
void setTrim (bool p0)
void setOld3D (bool useOld3D)
int getOutputDimension () const
void setOutputDimension (int newOutputDimension)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string toLineString (const geom::CoordinateSequence &seq)
static std::string toLineString (const geom::Coordinate &p0, const geom::Coordinate &p1)
static std::string toPoint (const geom::Coordinate &p0)

Protected Member Functions

void appendGeometryTaggedText (const geom::Geometry *geometry, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendPointTaggedText (const geom::Coordinate *coordinate, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendLineStringTaggedText (const geom::LineString *lineString, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendLinearRingTaggedText (const geom::LinearRing *lineString, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendPolygonTaggedText (const geom::Polygon *polygon, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPointTaggedText (const geom::MultiPoint *multipoint, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiLineStringTaggedText (const geom::MultiLineString *multiLineString, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPolygonTaggedText (const geom::MultiPolygon *multiPolygon, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendGeometryCollectionTaggedText (const geom::GeometryCollection *geometryCollection, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendPointText (const geom::Coordinate *coordinate, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendCoordinate (const geom::Coordinate *coordinate, Writer *writer)
std::string writeNumber (double d)
void appendLineStringText (const geom::LineString *lineString, int level, bool doIndent, Writer *writer)
void appendPolygonText (const geom::Polygon *polygon, int level, bool indentFirst, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPointText (const geom::MultiPoint *multiPoint, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiLineStringText (const geom::MultiLineString *multiLineString, int level, bool indentFirst, Writer *writer)
void appendMultiPolygonText (const geom::MultiPolygon *multiPolygon, int level, Writer *writer)
void appendGeometryCollectionText (const geom::GeometryCollection *geometryCollection, int level, Writer *writer)

Protected Attributes

int decimalPlaces

Detailed Description

Outputs the textual representation of a Geometry. See also WKTReader.

The WKTWriter outputs coordinates rounded to the precision model. No more than the maximum number of necessary decimal places will be output.

The Well-known Text format is defined in the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification for SQL.

A non-standard "LINEARRING" tag is used for LinearRings. The WKT spec does not define a special tag for LinearRings. The standard tag to use is "LINESTRING".

See WKTReader for parsing.

Member Function Documentation

void geos::io::WKTWriter::setOld3D ( bool  useOld3D)

Enable old style 3D/4D WKT generation.

By default the WKBWriter produces new style 3D/4D WKT (ie. "POINT Z (10 20 30)") but if this method is used to turn on old style WKT production then the WKT will be formatted in the style "POINT (10 20 30)".

useOld3Dtrue or false
void geos::io::WKTWriter::setRoundingPrecision ( int  p0)

Sets the rounding precision when writing the WKT a precision of -1 disables it

p0the new precision to use
void geos::io::WKTWriter::setTrim ( bool  p0)

Enables/disables trimming of unnecessary decimals

p0the trim boolean
static std::string geos::io::WKTWriter::toLineString ( const geom::CoordinateSequence seq)

Generates the WKT for a N-point LineString.

seqthe sequence to outpout
the WKT
static std::string geos::io::WKTWriter::toLineString ( const geom::Coordinate p0,
const geom::Coordinate p1 

Generates the WKT for a 2-point LineString.

p0the first coordinate
p1the second coordinate
the WKT
static std::string geos::io::WKTWriter::toPoint ( const geom::Coordinate p0)

Generates the WKT for a Point.

p0the point coordinate
the WKT

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