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geos::geomgraph::EdgeEndStar Class Referenceabstract

A EdgeEndStar is an ordered list of EdgeEnds around a node. More...

#include <EdgeEndStar.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::geomgraph::EdgeEndStar:
geos::geomgraph::DirectedEdgeStar geos::operation::relate::EdgeEndBundleStar

Public Types

typedef std::set< EdgeEnd
*, EdgeEndLT > 
typedef container::iterator iterator
typedef container::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef container::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator

Public Member Functions

virtual void insert (EdgeEnd *e)=0
 Insert a EdgeEnd into this EdgeEndStar.
virtual geom::CoordinategetCoordinate ()
const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate () const
virtual std::size_t getDegree ()
virtual iterator begin ()
virtual iterator end ()
virtual reverse_iterator rbegin ()
virtual reverse_iterator rend ()
virtual const_iterator begin () const
virtual const_iterator end () const
virtual container & getEdges ()
virtual EdgeEndgetNextCW (EdgeEnd *ee)
virtual void computeLabelling (std::vector< GeometryGraph * > *geomGraph)
virtual bool isAreaLabelsConsistent (const GeometryGraph &geomGraph)
virtual void propagateSideLabels (int geomIndex)
virtual iterator find (EdgeEnd *eSearch)
virtual std::string print () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void insertEdgeEnd (EdgeEnd *e)
 Insert an EdgeEnd into the map.

Protected Attributes

EdgeEndStar::container edgeMap
 A map which maintains the edges in sorted order around the node.

Detailed Description

A EdgeEndStar is an ordered list of EdgeEnds around a node.

They are maintained in CCW order (starting with the positive x-axis) around the node for efficient lookup and topology building.


Member Function Documentation

virtual geom::Coordinate& geos::geomgraph::EdgeEndStar::getCoordinate ( )
the coordinate for the node this star is based at or NULL if this is still an unbound star. Be aware that the returned pointer will point to a Coordinate owned by the specific EdgeEnd happening to be the first in the star (ordered CCW)

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