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geos::noding::IteratedNoder Class Reference

Nodes a set of SegmentStrings completely. More...

#include <IteratedNoder.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IteratedNoder (const geom::PrecisionModel *newPm)
void setMaximumIterations (int n)
std::vector< SegmentString * > * getNodedSubstrings () const override
 Returns a Collection of fully noded SegmentStrings. The SegmentStrings have the same context as their parent. More...
void computeNodes (std::vector< SegmentString * > *inputSegmentStrings) override

Detailed Description

Nodes a set of SegmentStrings completely.

The set of segmentStrings is fully noded; i.e. noding is repeated until no further intersections are detected.

Iterated noding using a FLOATING precision model is not guaranteed to converge, due to roundoff error. This problem is detected and an exception is thrown. Clients can choose to rerun the noding using a lower precision model.

Member Function Documentation

void geos::noding::IteratedNoder::computeNodes ( std::vector< SegmentString * > *  inputSegmentStrings)

Fully nodes a list of SegmentStrings, i.e. peforms noding iteratively until no intersections are found between segments. Maintains labelling of edges correctly through the noding.

segStringsa collection of SegmentStrings to be noded
TopologyExceptionif the iterated noding fails to converge.

Implements geos::noding::Noder.

std::vector<SegmentString*>* geos::noding::IteratedNoder::getNodedSubstrings ( ) const

Returns a Collection of fully noded SegmentStrings. The SegmentStrings have the same context as their parent.

a newly allocated std::vector of const SegmentStrings. Caller is responsible to delete container and elements.

Implements geos::noding::Noder.

void geos::noding::IteratedNoder::setMaximumIterations ( int  n)

Sets the maximum number of noding iterations performed before the noding is aborted. Experience suggests that this should rarely need to be changed from the default. The default is MAX_ITER.

nthe maximum number of iterations to perform

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