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geos::geomgraph::Edge Class Reference

#include <Edge.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::geomgraph::Edge:

Public Member Functions

void testInvariant () const
 Edge (geom::CoordinateSequence *newPts, const Label &newLabel)
 Takes ownership of CoordinateSequence.
 Edge (geom::CoordinateSequence *newPts)
 Takes ownership of CoordinateSequence.
virtual size_t getNumPoints () const
virtual void setName (const std::string &newName)
virtual const
getCoordinates () const
virtual const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate (size_t i) const
virtual const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate () const
virtual Depth & getDepth ()
virtual int getDepthDelta () const
 The depthDelta is the change in depth as an edge is crossed from R to L. More...
virtual void setDepthDelta (int newDepthDelta)
virtual size_t getMaximumSegmentIndex () const
virtual EdgeIntersectionListgetEdgeIntersectionList ()
virtual index::MonotoneChainEdge * getMonotoneChainEdge ()
 Return this Edge's index::MonotoneChainEdge, ownership is retained by this object.
virtual bool isClosed () const
virtual bool isCollapsed () const
 An Edge is collapsed if it is an Area edge and it consists of two segments which are equal and opposite (eg a zero-width V).
virtual EdgegetCollapsedEdge ()
virtual void setIsolated (bool newIsIsolated)
bool isIsolated () const override
virtual void addIntersections (algorithm::LineIntersector *li, size_t segmentIndex, size_t geomIndex)
 Adds EdgeIntersections for one or both intersections found for a segment of an edge to the edge intersection list.
virtual void addIntersection (algorithm::LineIntersector *li, size_t segmentIndex, size_t geomIndex, size_t intIndex)
 Add an EdgeIntersection for intersection intIndex. More...
void computeIM (geom::IntersectionMatrix &im) override
 Update the IM with the contribution for this component. More...
virtual bool isPointwiseEqual (const Edge *e) const
 return true if the coordinate sequences of the Edges are identical
virtual std::string print () const
virtual std::string printReverse () const
virtual bool equals (const Edge &e) const
virtual bool equals (const Edge *e) const
virtual geom::EnvelopegetEnvelope ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent
 GraphComponent (const Label &newLabel)
LabelgetLabel ()
const LabelgetLabel () const
void setLabel (const Label &newLabel)
virtual void setInResult (bool p_isInResult)
virtual bool isInResult () const
virtual void setCovered (bool isCovered)
virtual bool isCovered () const
virtual bool isCoveredSet () const
virtual bool isVisited () const
virtual void setVisited (bool p_isVisited)
virtual void updateIM (geom::IntersectionMatrix &im)

Static Public Member Functions

static void updateIM (const Label &lbl, geom::IntersectionMatrix &im)

Public Attributes

 Externally-set, owned by Edge. FIXME: refuse ownership.
EdgeIntersectionList eiList


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Edge &el)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent
Label label

Detailed Description

The edge component of a geometry graph

Member Function Documentation

virtual void geos::geomgraph::Edge::addIntersection ( algorithm::LineIntersector li,
size_t  segmentIndex,
size_t  geomIndex,
size_t  intIndex 

Add an EdgeIntersection for intersection intIndex.

An intersection that falls exactly on a vertex of the edge is normalized to use the higher of the two possible segmentIndexes

void geos::geomgraph::Edge::computeIM ( geom::IntersectionMatrix im)

Update the IM with the contribution for this component.

A component only contributes if it has a labelling for both parent geometries

Implements geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent.

virtual bool geos::geomgraph::Edge::equals ( const Edge e) const

equals is defined to be:

e1 equals e2 iff the coordinates of e1 are the same or the reverse of the coordinates in e2

virtual int geos::geomgraph::Edge::getDepthDelta ( ) const

The depthDelta is the change in depth as an edge is crossed from R to L.

the change in depth as the edge is crossed from R to L

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