GEOS  3.9.0dev
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geos::util Namespace Reference

Utility classes for GEOS. More...


class  AssertionFailedException
 Indicates a bug in GEOS code. More...
class  CoordinateArrayFilter
 A CoordinateFilter that adds read-only pointers to every Coordinate in a Geometry to a given vector. More...
class  GeometricShapeFactory
 Computes various kinds of common geometric shapes. More...
class  GEOSException
 Base class for all GEOS exceptions. More...
class  IllegalArgumentException
 Indicates one or more illegal arguments. More...
class  IllegalStateException
 Indicates an illegal state. More...
class  Interrupt
 Used to manage interruption requests and callbacks. More...
class  TopologyException
 Indicates an invalid or inconsistent topological situation encountered during processing. More...
class  UnsupportedOperationException
 Indicates that the requested operation is unsupported. More...


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Profile &)
 Return a string representing the Profile.
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Profiler &)
 Return a string representing the Profiler.
double sym_round (double val)
 Symmetric Rounding Algorithm.
double java_math_round (double val)
 Asymmetric Rounding Algorithm.
double rint_vc (double val)
 Equivalent to Java Math.rint()
double round (double val)

Detailed Description

Utility classes for GEOS.

Function Documentation

double geos::util::round ( double  val)

Default rounding method for GEOS

Always use this rounding method, to easy easy switching between different rounding method for the whole codebase.

References java_math_round().