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geos::operation::relate::RelateNode Class Reference

Represents a node in the topological graph used to compute spatial relationships. More...

#include <RelateNode.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::operation::relate::RelateNode:
geos::geomgraph::Node geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent

Public Member Functions

 RelateNode (const geom::Coordinate &coord, geomgraph::EdgeEndStar *edges)
void updateIMFromEdges (geom::IntersectionMatrix &im)
- Public Member Functions inherited from geos::geomgraph::Node
 Node (const geom::Coordinate &newCoord, EdgeEndStar *newEdges)
virtual const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate () const
virtual EdgeEndStargetEdges ()
bool isIsolated () const override
virtual void add (EdgeEnd *e)
 Add the edge to the list of edges at this node.
virtual void mergeLabel (const Node &n)
virtual void mergeLabel (const Label &label2)
 To merge labels for two nodes, the merged location for each LabelElement is computed. More...
virtual void setLabel (int argIndex, geom::Location onLocation)
virtual void setLabelBoundary (int argIndex)
 Updates the label of a node to BOUNDARY, obeying the mod-2 boundaryDetermination rule.
virtual geom::Location computeMergedLocation (const Label &label2, int eltIndex)
virtual std::string print ()
virtual const std::vector
< double > & 
getZ () const
virtual void addZ (double)
virtual bool isIncidentEdgeInResult () const
 Tests whether any incident edge is flagged as being in the result. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent
 GraphComponent (const Label &newLabel)
LabelgetLabel ()
const LabelgetLabel () const
void setLabel (const Label &newLabel)
virtual void setInResult (bool p_isInResult)
virtual bool isInResult () const
virtual void setCovered (bool isCovered)
virtual bool isCovered () const
virtual bool isCoveredSet () const
virtual bool isVisited () const
virtual void setVisited (bool p_isVisited)
virtual void updateIM (geom::IntersectionMatrix &im)

Protected Member Functions

void computeIM (geom::IntersectionMatrix &im) override
 Basic nodes do not compute IMs.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from geos::geomgraph::Node
void testInvariant () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from geos::geomgraph::Node
geom::Coordinate coord
- Protected Attributes inherited from geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent
Label label

Detailed Description

Represents a node in the topological graph used to compute spatial relationships.

Member Function Documentation

void geos::operation::relate::RelateNode::updateIMFromEdges ( geom::IntersectionMatrix im)

Update the IM with the contribution for the EdgeEnds incident on this node.

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