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geos::geom Namespace Reference

Contains the Geometry interface hierarchy and supporting classes. More...


 Contains classes and interfaces implementing algorithms that optimize the performance of repeated calls to specific geometric operations.
 Provides classes that parse and modify Geometry objects.


class  Coordinate
 Coordinate is the lightweight class used to store coordinates. More...
class  CoordinateArraySequence
 The default implementation of CoordinateSequence. More...
class  CoordinateArraySequenceFactory
 Creates CoordinateSequences internally represented as an array of Coordinates. More...
class  CoordinateFilter
struct  CoordinateLessThen
 Strict weak ordering Functor for Coordinate. More...
class  CoordinateList
 A list of Coordinates, which may be set to prevent repeated coordinates from occuring in the list. More...
class  CoordinateSequence
 The internal representation of a list of coordinates inside a Geometry. More...
class  CoordinateSequenceFactory
 A factory to create concrete instances of CoordinateSequences. More...
class  CoordinateSequenceFilter
class  Dimension
 Constants representing the dimensions of a point, a curve and a surface. More...
class  Envelope
 An Envelope defines a rectangulare region of the 2D coordinate plane. More...
class  Geometry
 Basic implementation of Geometry, constructed and destructed by GeometryFactory. More...
class  GeometryCollection
 Represents a collection of heterogeneous Geometry objects. More...
class  GeometryComponentFilter
class  GeometryFactory
 Supplies a set of utility methods for building Geometry objects from CoordinateSequence or other Geometry objects. More...
class  GeometryFilter
 Geometry classes support the concept of applying a Geometry filter to the Geometry. More...
class  GeometryList
 Manager of Geometry pointers. Owns the Geometries. More...
class  IntersectionMatrix
 Implementation of Dimensionally Extended Nine-Intersection Model (DE-9IM) matrix. More...
class  Lineal
class  LinearRing
 Models an OGC SFS LinearRing. More...
class  LineSegment
class  LineString
class  Location
 Constants representing the location of a point relative to a geometry. More...
class  MultiLineString
 Models a collection of (}s. More...
class  MultiPoint
class  MultiPolygon
 Models a collection of Polygons. More...
class  Point
class  Polygon
 Represents a linear polygon, which may include holes. More...
class  Polygonal
class  PrecisionModel
 Specifies the precision model of the Coordinate in a Geometry. More...
class  Puntal
class  Triangle
 Represents a planar triangle, and provides methods for calculating various properties of triangles. More...
class  TrianglePredicate


typedef CoordinateArraySequence DefaultCoordinateSequence
 This is for backward API compatibility.
 This is for backward API compatibility.


enum  GeometryTypeId {
 Geometry types. More...


bool check_valid (const Geometry &g, const std::string &label, bool doThrow=false, bool validOnly=false)
std::auto_ptr< Geometryfix_self_intersections (std::auto_ptr< Geometry > g, const std::string &label)
template<class BinOp >
std::auto_ptr< GeometrySnapOp (const Geometry *g0, const Geometry *g1, BinOp _Op)
 Apply a binary operation to the given geometries after snapping them to each other after common-bits removal.
template<class BinOp >
std::auto_ptr< GeometryBinaryOp (const Geometry *g0, const Geometry *g1, BinOp _Op)
bool operator< (const Coordinate &a, const Coordinate &b)
 Strict weak ordering operator for Coordinate.
GEOS_DLL std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Coordinate &c)
 Output function.
GEOS_DLL bool operator== (const Coordinate &a, const Coordinate &b)
 Equality operator for Coordinate. 2D only.
GEOS_DLL bool operator!= (const Coordinate &a, const Coordinate &b)
 Inequality operator for Coordinate. 2D only.
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CoordinateList &cl)
GEOS_DLL std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const CoordinateSequence &cs)
GEOS_DLL bool operator== (const CoordinateSequence &s1, const CoordinateSequence &s2)
GEOS_DLL bool operator!= (const CoordinateSequence &s1, const CoordinateSequence &s2)
GEOS_DLL bool operator== (const Envelope &a, const Envelope &b)
 Checks if two Envelopes are equal (2D only check)
GEOS_DLL std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Geometry &geom)
 Write the Well-known Binary representation of this Geometry as an HEX string to the given output stream.
std::string geosversion ()
 Return current GEOS version.
std::string jtsport ()
 Return the version of JTS this GEOS release has been ported from.
GEOS_DLL std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const IntersectionMatrix &im)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &o, const LineSegment &l)
bool operator== (const LineSegment &a, const LineSegment &b)
 Checks if two LineSegment are equal (2D only check)

Detailed Description

Contains the Geometry interface hierarchy and supporting classes.

The Java Topology Suite (JTS) is a Java API that implements a core set of spatial data operations using an explicit precision model and robust geometric algorithms. JTS is int ended to be used in the development of applications that support the validation, cleaning, integration and querying of spatial datasets.

JTS attempts to implement the OpenGIS Simple Features Specification (SFS) as accurately as possible. In some cases the SFS is unclear or omits a specification; in this case J TS attempts to choose a reasonable and consistent alternative. Differences from and elaborations of the SFS are documented in this specification.

Package Specification

Enumeration Type Documentation

Geometry types.


a point


a linestring


a linear ring (linestring with 1st point == last point)


a polygon


a collection of points


a collection of linestrings


a collection of polygons


a collection of heterogeneus geometries