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geos::geom::CoordinateFilter Class Reference

#include <CoordinateFilter.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual void filter_rw (Coordinate *) const
virtual void filter_ro (const Coordinate *)

Detailed Description

Geometry classes support the concept of applying a coordinate filter to every coordinate in the Geometry.

A coordinate filter can either record information about each coordinate or change the coordinate in some way. Coordinate filters implement the interface CoordinateFilter. (CoordinateFilter is an example of the Gang-of-Four Visitor pattern). Coordinate filters can be used to implement such things as coordinate transformations, centroid and envelope computation, and many other functions.

TODO: provide geom::CoordinateInspector and geom::CoordinateMutator instead of having the two versions of filter_rw and filter_ro

Member Function Documentation

virtual void geos::geom::CoordinateFilter::filter_ro ( const Coordinate )

Performs an operation with coord.

coorda Coordinate to which the filter is applied.

Reimplemented in geos::util::CoordinateArrayFilter.

virtual void geos::geom::CoordinateFilter::filter_rw ( Coordinate ) const

Performs an operation on coord.

coorda Coordinate to which the filter is applied.

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