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geos::operation::buffer::OffsetSegmentString Class Reference

#include <OffsetSegmentString.h>

Public Member Functions

void reset ()
void setPrecisionModel (const geom::PrecisionModel *nPrecisionModel)
void setMinimumVertexDistance (double nMinVertexDistance)
void addPt (const geom::Coordinate &pt)
void addPts (const geom::CoordinateSequence &pts, bool isForward)
void closeRing ()
geom::CoordinateSequencegetCoordinates ()
size_t size () const


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const OffsetSegmentString &node)

Detailed Description

A dynamic list of the vertices in a constructed offset curve.

Automatically removes close vertices which are closer than a given tolerance.

Martin Davis

Member Function Documentation

void geos::operation::buffer::OffsetSegmentString::closeRing ( )
geom::CoordinateSequence* geos::operation::buffer::OffsetSegmentString::getCoordinates ( void  )

Get coordinates by taking ownership of them

After this call, the coordinates reference in this object are dropped. Calling twice will segfault...

FIXME: refactor memory management of this

References closeRing().

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