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geos::geom::prep::PreparedPoint Class Reference

A prepared version of Point or MultiPoint geometries. More...

#include <PreparedPoint.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::geom::prep::PreparedPoint:
geos::geom::prep::BasicPreparedGeometry geos::geom::prep::PreparedGeometry

Public Member Functions

 PreparedPoint (const Geometry *geom)
bool intersects (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from geos::geom::prep::BasicPreparedGeometry
 BasicPreparedGeometry (const Geometry *geom)
const geom::GeometrygetGeometry () const override
const Coordinate::ConstVectgetRepresentativePoints () const
bool isAnyTargetComponentInTest (const geom::Geometry *testGeom) const
bool contains (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool containsProperly (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool coveredBy (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool covers (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool crosses (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool disjoint (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool overlaps (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool touches (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
bool within (const geom::Geometry *g) const override
std::string toString ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from geos::geom::prep::BasicPreparedGeometry
void setGeometry (const geom::Geometry *geom)
bool envelopesIntersect (const geom::Geometry *g) const
bool envelopeCovers (const geom::Geometry *g) const

Detailed Description

A prepared version of Point or MultiPoint geometries.

Martin Davis

Member Function Documentation

bool geos::geom::prep::PreparedPoint::intersects ( const geom::Geometry g) const

Tests whether this point intersects a Geometry.

The optimization here is that computing topology for the test geometry is avoided. This can be significant for large geometries.

Reimplemented from geos::geom::prep::BasicPreparedGeometry.

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