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geos::triangulate::quadedge::LastFoundQuadEdgeLocator Class Reference

#include <LastFoundQuadEdgeLocator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LastFoundQuadEdgeLocator (QuadEdgeSubdivision *subdiv)
QuadEdgelocate (const Vertex &v) override

Detailed Description

Locates QuadEdges in a QuadEdgeSubdivision, optimizing the search by starting in the locality of the last edge found.

JTS: Martin Davis
Benjamin Campbell

Member Function Documentation

QuadEdge* geos::triangulate::quadedge::LastFoundQuadEdgeLocator::locate ( const Vertex v)

Locates an edge e, such that either v is on e, or e is an edge of a triangle containing v. The search starts from the last located edge amd proceeds on the general direction of v.

The caller does not take ownership of the returned object.

Implements geos::triangulate::quadedge::QuadEdgeLocator.

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