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geos::geom::util::GeometryEditor Class Reference

#include <GeometryEditor.h>

Public Member Functions

 GeometryEditor ()
 GeometryEditor (const GeometryFactory *newFactory)
std::unique_ptr< Geometryedit (const Geometry *geometry, GeometryEditorOperation *operation)

Detailed Description

Supports creating a new Geometry which is a modification of an existing one. Geometry objects are intended to be treated as immutable. This class allows you to "modify" a Geometry by traversing it and creating a new Geometry with the same overall structure but possibly modified components.

The following kinds of modifications can be made:

Note that all changes must be consistent with the original Geometry's structure (e.g. a Polygon cannot be collapsed into a LineString).

The resulting Geometry is not checked for validity. If validity needs to be enforced, the new Geometry's isValid should be checked.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

geos::geom::util::GeometryEditor::GeometryEditor ( )

Creates a new GeometryEditor object which will create an edited Geometry with the same GeometryFactory as the input Geometry.

geos::geom::util::GeometryEditor::GeometryEditor ( const GeometryFactory newFactory)

Creates a new GeometryEditor object which will create the edited Geometry with the given GeometryFactory

newFactorythe GeometryFactory to create the edited Geometry with

Member Function Documentation

std::unique_ptr<Geometry> geos::geom::util::GeometryEditor::edit ( const Geometry geometry,
GeometryEditorOperation operation 

Edit the input Geometry with the given edit operation. Clients will create subclasses of GeometryEditorOperation or CoordinateOperation to perform required modifications.

geometrythe Geometry to edit
operationthe edit operation to carry out
a new Geometry which is the result of the editing

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