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geos Namespace Reference

Basic namespace for all GEOS functionalities. More...


 Contains classes and interfaces implementing fundamental computational geometry algorithms.
 Contains the Geometry interface hierarchy and supporting classes.
 Contains classes that implement topology graphs.
 Provides classes for various kinds of spatial indexes.
 Contains the interfaces for converting JTS objects to and from other formats.
 Classes to compute nodings for arrangements of line segments and line segment sequences.
 Provides classes for implementing operations on geometries.
 Contains classes to implement a planar graph data structure.
 Provides classes for manipulating the precision model of Geometries.


template<class T >
void ignore_unused_variable_warning (T const &)


constexpr double M_PI = 3.14159265358979323846
constexpr double DoubleNotANumber = std::numeric_limits<double>::quiet_NaN()
constexpr double DoubleMax = (std::numeric_limits<double>::max)()
constexpr double DoubleInfinity = (std::numeric_limits<double>::infinity)()
constexpr double DoubleNegInfinity = (-(std::numeric_limits<double>::infinity)())

Detailed Description

Basic namespace for all GEOS functionalities.

A pair of Boundables, whose leaf items support a distance metric between them. Used to compute the distance between the members, and to expand a member relative to the other in order to produce new branches of the Branch-and-Bound evaluation tree. Provides an ordering based on the distance between the members, which allows building a priority queue by minimum distance.

Martin Davis