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geos::geomgraph::Node Class Reference

The node component of a geometry graph. More...

#include <Node.h>

Inheritance diagram for geos::geomgraph::Node:
geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent geos::operation::relate::RelateNode

Public Member Functions

 Node (const geom::Coordinate &newCoord, EdgeEndStar *newEdges)
virtual const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate () const
virtual EdgeEndStargetEdges ()
bool isIsolated () const override
virtual void add (EdgeEnd *e)
 Add the edge to the list of edges at this node.
virtual void mergeLabel (const Node &n)
virtual void mergeLabel (const Label &label2)
 To merge labels for two nodes, the merged location for each LabelElement is computed. More...
virtual void setLabel (int argIndex, geom::Location onLocation)
virtual void setLabelBoundary (int argIndex)
 Updates the label of a node to BOUNDARY, obeying the mod-2 boundaryDetermination rule.
virtual geom::Location computeMergedLocation (const Label &label2, int eltIndex)
virtual std::string print ()
virtual const std::vector
< double > & 
getZ () const
virtual void addZ (double)
virtual bool isIncidentEdgeInResult () const
 Tests whether any incident edge is flagged as being in the result. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent
 GraphComponent (const Label &newLabel)
LabelgetLabel ()
const LabelgetLabel () const
void setLabel (const Label &newLabel)
virtual void setInResult (bool p_isInResult)
virtual bool isInResult () const
virtual void setCovered (bool isCovered)
virtual bool isCovered () const
virtual bool isCoveredSet () const
virtual bool isVisited () const
virtual void setVisited (bool p_isVisited)
virtual void updateIM (geom::IntersectionMatrix &im)

Protected Member Functions

void testInvariant () const
void computeIM (geom::IntersectionMatrix &) override
 Basic nodes do not compute IMs.

Protected Attributes

geom::Coordinate coord
- Protected Attributes inherited from geos::geomgraph::GraphComponent
Label label


std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &os, const Node &node)

Detailed Description

The node component of a geometry graph.

Member Function Documentation

virtual geom::Location geos::geomgraph::Node::computeMergedLocation ( const Label label2,
int  eltIndex 

The location for a given eltIndex for a node will be one of { null, INTERIOR, BOUNDARY }. A node may be on both the boundary and the interior of a geometry; in this case, the rule is that the node is considered to be in the boundary. The merged location is the maximum of the two input values.

virtual bool geos::geomgraph::Node::isIncidentEdgeInResult ( ) const

Tests whether any incident edge is flagged as being in the result.

This test can be used to determine if the node is in the result, since if any incident edge is in the result, the node must be in the result as well.

true if any indicident edge in the in the result
virtual void geos::geomgraph::Node::mergeLabel ( const Label label2)

To merge labels for two nodes, the merged location for each LabelElement is computed.

The location for the corresponding node LabelElement is set to the result, as long as the location is non-null.

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