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geos::triangulate::quadedge::Vertex Class Reference

Models a site (node) in a QuadEdgeSubdivision. More...

#include <Vertex.h>

Public Member Functions

 Vertex (double _x, double _y)
 Vertex (double _x, double _y, double _z)
 Vertex (const geom::Coordinate &_p)
double getX () const
double getY () const
double getZ () const
void setZ (double _z)
const geom::CoordinategetCoordinate () const
bool equals (const Vertex &_x) const
bool equals (const Vertex &_x, double tolerance) const
int classify (const Vertex &p0, const Vertex &p1)
double crossProduct (const Vertex &v) const
double dot (Vertex v) const
std::unique_ptr< Vertextimes (double c) const
std::unique_ptr< Vertexsum (Vertex v) const
std::unique_ptr< Vertexsub (const Vertex &v) const
double magn () const
std::unique_ptr< Vertexcross () const
bool isInCircle (const Vertex &a, const Vertex &b, const Vertex &c) const
bool isCCW (const Vertex &b, const Vertex &c) const
bool rightOf (const QuadEdge &e) const
bool leftOf (const QuadEdge &e) const

Static Public Attributes

static const int LEFT = 0
static const int RIGHT = 1
static const int BEYOND = 2
static const int BEHIND = 3
static const int BETWEEN = 4
static const int ORIGIN = 5
static const int DESTINATION = 6

Detailed Description

Models a site (node) in a QuadEdgeSubdivision.

The sites can be points on a line string representing a linear site.

The vertex can be considered as a vector with a norm, length, inner product, cross product, etc. Additionally, point relations (e.g., is a point to the left of a line, the circle defined by this point and two others, etc.) are also defined in this class.

It is common to want to attach user-defined data to the vertices of a subdivision. One way to do this is to subclass Vertex to carry any desired information.

JTS: David Skea
JTS: Martin Davis
Benjamin Campbell

Member Function Documentation

double geos::triangulate::quadedge::Vertex::crossProduct ( const Vertex v) const

Computes the cross product k = u X v.

va vertex
returns the magnitude of u X v

References geos::geom::Coordinate::x, and geos::geom::Coordinate::y.

double geos::triangulate::quadedge::Vertex::dot ( Vertex  v) const

Computes the inner or dot product

va vertex
returns the dot product u.v

References geos::geom::Coordinate::x, and geos::geom::Coordinate::y.

bool geos::triangulate::quadedge::Vertex::isCCW ( const Vertex b,
const Vertex c 
) const

Tests whether the triangle formed by this vertex and two other vertices is in CCW orientation.

ba vertex
ca vertex
true if the triangle is oriented CCW

References geos::geom::Coordinate::x, and geos::geom::Coordinate::y.

bool geos::triangulate::quadedge::Vertex::isInCircle ( const Vertex a,
const Vertex b,
const Vertex c 
) const

Tests if the vertex is inside the circle defined by the triangle with vertices a, b, c (oriented counter-clockwise).

aa vertex of the triangle
ba vertex of the triangle
ca vertex of the triangle
true if this vertex is in the circumcircle of (a,b,c)

References geos::geom::TrianglePredicate::isInCircleRobust().

std::unique_ptr<Vertex> geos::triangulate::quadedge::Vertex::times ( double  c) const

Computes the scalar product c(v)

cscaling factor
returns the scaled vector

References geos::geom::Coordinate::x, and geos::geom::Coordinate::y.

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