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geos::linearref::LocationIndexOfPoint Class Reference

#include <LocationIndexOfPoint.h>

Public Member Functions

 LocationIndexOfPoint (const geom::Geometry *linearGeom)
LinearLocation indexOf (const geom::Coordinate &inputPt) const
LinearLocation indexOfAfter (const geom::Coordinate &inputPt, const LinearLocation *minIndex) const

Static Public Member Functions

static LinearLocation indexOf (const geom::Geometry *linearGeom, const geom::Coordinate &inputPt)
static LinearLocation indexOfAfter (const geom::Geometry *linearGeom, const geom::Coordinate &inputPt, const LinearLocation *minIndex)

Detailed Description

Computes the LinearLocation of the point on a linear Geometry nearest a given Coordinate. The nearest point is not necessarily unique; this class always computes the nearest point closest to the start of the geometry.

Member Function Documentation

LinearLocation geos::linearref::LocationIndexOfPoint::indexOf ( const geom::Coordinate inputPt) const

Find the nearest location along a linear Geometry to a given point.

inputPtthe coordinate to locate
the location of the nearest point
LinearLocation geos::linearref::LocationIndexOfPoint::indexOfAfter ( const geom::Coordinate inputPt,
const LinearLocation minIndex 
) const

Find the nearest LinearLocation along the linear Geometry to a given Coordinate after the specified minimum LinearLocation. If possible the location returned will be strictly greater than the minLocation. If this is not possible, the value returned will equal minLocation. (An example where this is not possible is when minLocation = [end of line] ).

inputPtthe coordinate to locate
minLocationthe minimum location for the point location
the location of the nearest point

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