GEOS  3.8.0dev
Todo List
Member geos::geom::Geometry::isWithinDistance (const Geometry *geom, double cDistance) const
doesn't seem to need being virtual, make it concrete
Class geos::geom::IntersectionMatrix
Suggestion: add equal and not-equal operator to this class.
Member geos::geom::IntersectionMatrix::add (IntersectionMatrix *other)
Why the 'other' matrix is not passed by const-reference?
Member geos::geom::IntersectionMatrix::IntersectionMatrix (const IntersectionMatrix &other)
Add assignment operator to make this class fully copyable.
Member geos::geom::IntersectionMatrix::transpose ()

It returns 'this' pointer so why not to return const-pointer?

May be it would be better to return copy of transposed matrix?

Member geos::geom::prep::PreparedLineStringIntersects::PreparedLineStringIntersects (PreparedLineString &prep)
FIXME - mloskot: Why not taking linestring through const reference?
Class geos::index::strtree::ItemBoundable
TODO: It's unclear who takes ownership of passed newBounds and newItem objects.