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ttmath::ReferenceError Class Reference

#include <ttmathtypes.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ReferenceError (const char *f, int l)
std::string Where () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ttmath::ExceptionInfo
 ExceptionInfo (const char *f, int l)
std::string Where () const

Detailed Description

A small class used for reporting 'reference' errors

In the library is used macro TTMATH_REFERENCE_ASSERT which can throw an exception of this type

from version 0.9.2 this macro is removed from all methods in public interface so you don't have to worry about it **

If you compile with gcc you can get a small benefit from using method Where() (it returns std::string) with the name and the line of a file where the macro TTMATH_REFERENCE_ASSERT was used)

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