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geos::geomgraph::Quadrant Class Reference

Utility functions for working with quadrants. More...

#include <Quadrant.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static int quadrant (double dx, double dy)
static int quadrant (const geom::Coordinate &p0, const geom::Coordinate &p1)
static bool isOpposite (int quad1, int quad2)
static int commonHalfPlane (int quad1, int quad2)
static bool isInHalfPlane (int quad, int halfPlane)
static bool isNorthern (int quad)

Static Public Attributes

static const int NE = 0
static const int NW = 1
static const int SW = 2
static const int SE = 3

Detailed Description

Utility functions for working with quadrants.

The quadrants are numbered as follows:

1 | 0
2 | 3

Member Function Documentation

static bool geos::geomgraph::Quadrant::isInHalfPlane ( int  quad,
int  halfPlane 

Returns whether the given quadrant lies within the given halfplane (specified by its right-hand quadrant).

static bool geos::geomgraph::Quadrant::isNorthern ( int  quad)

Returns true if the given quadrant is 0 or 1.

static bool geos::geomgraph::Quadrant::isOpposite ( int  quad1,
int  quad2 

Returns true if the quadrants are 1 and 3, or 2 and 4

static int geos::geomgraph::Quadrant::quadrant ( double  dx,
double  dy 

Returns the quadrant of a directed line segment (specified as x and y displacements, which cannot both be 0).

IllegalArgumentExceptionif the displacements are both 0
static int geos::geomgraph::Quadrant::quadrant ( const geom::Coordinate p0,
const geom::Coordinate p1 

Returns the quadrant of a directed line segment from p0 to p1.

IllegalArgumentExceptionif the points are equal

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