Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
geos::index::strtree::AbstractNodeA node of the STR tree
geos::geom::prep::AbstractPreparedPolygonContainsA base class containing the logic for computes the contains and covers spatial relationship predicates for a PreparedPolygon relative to all other Geometry classes
geos::index::strtree::AbstractSTRtreeBase class for STRtree and SIRtree
geos::algorithm::AngleUtility functions for working with angles
geos::util::AssertionFailedExceptionIndicates a bug in GEOS code
geos::geom::prep::BasicPreparedGeometryA base class for PreparedGeometry subclasses
geos::index::bintree::BintreeAn BinTree (or "Binary Interval Tree") is a 1-dimensional version of a quadtree
geos::index::strtree::BoundableA spatial object in an AbstractSTRtree
geos::operation::buffer::BufferBuilderBuilds the buffer geometry for a given input geometry and precision model
geos::operation::buffer::BufferInputLineSimplifierSimplifies a buffer input line to remove concavities with shallow depth
geos::operation::buffer::BufferOpComputes the buffer of a geometry, for both positive and negative buffer distances
geos::operation::buffer::BufferParametersContains the parameters which describe how a buffer should be constructed
geos::operation::buffer::BufferSubgraphA connected subset of the graph of DirectedEdge and geomgraph::Node
geos::operation::geounion::CascadedPolygonUnionProvides an efficient method of unioning a collection of Polygonal geometries. This algorithm is faster and likely more robust than the simple iterated approach of repeatedly unioning each polygon to a result geometry
geos::operation::geounion::CascadedUnionProvides an efficient method of unioning a collection of Geometries
geos::algorithm::CentralEndpointIntersectorComputes an approximate intersection of two line segments by taking the most central of the endpoints of the segments
geos::algorithm::CentroidAreaComputes the centroid of an area geometry
geos::algorithm::CGAlgorithmsSpecifies and implements various fundamental Computational Geometric algorithms. The algorithms supplied in this class are robust for double-precision floating point
geos::precision::CommonBitsDetermines the maximum number of common most-significant bits in the mantissa of one or numbers
geos::precision::CommonBitsOpProvides versions of Geometry spatial functions which use common bit removal to reduce the likelihood of robustness problems
geos::precision::CommonBitsRemoverAllow computing and removing common mantissa bits from one or more Geometries
geos::geom::util::ComponentCoordinateExtracterExtracts a single representative Coordinate from each connected component of a Geometry
geos::operation::distance::ConnectedElementLocationFilterA ConnectedElementPointFilter extracts a single point from each connected element in a Geometry (e.g. a polygon, linestring or point) and returns them in a list. The elements of the list are DistanceOp::GeometryLocation
geos::operation::distance::ConnectedElementPointFilterExtracts a single point from each connected element in a Geometry (e.g. a polygon, linestring or point) and returns them in a list
geos::operation::valid::ConnectedInteriorTesterThis class tests that the interior of an area Geometry (Polygon or MultiPolygon) is connected
geos::planargraph::algorithm::ConnectedSubgraphFinderFinds all connected Subgraphs of a PlanarGraph
geos::operation::valid::ConsistentAreaTesterChecks that a geomgraph::GeometryGraph representing an area (a Polygon or MultiPolygon ) is consistent with the OGC-SFS semantics for area geometries
geos::geom::CoordinateCoordinate is the lightweight class used to store coordinates
geos::geom::CoordinateArraySequenceThe default implementation of CoordinateSequence
geos::geom::CoordinateArraySequenceFactoryCreates CoordinateSequences internally represented as an array of Coordinates
geos::geom::CoordinateLessThenStrict weak ordering Functor for Coordinate
geos::geom::CoordinateListA list of Coordinates, which may be set to prevent repeated coordinates from occuring in the list
geos::geom::CoordinateSequenceThe internal representation of a list of coordinates inside a Geometry
geos::geom::CoordinateSequenceFactoryA factory to create concrete instances of CoordinateSequences
geos::geom::DimensionConstants representing the dimensions of a point, a curve and a surface
geos::planargraph::DirectedEdgeRepresents a directed edge in a PlanarGraph
geos::geomgraph::DirectedEdgeA directed EdgeEnd
geos::planargraph::DirectedEdgeStarA sorted collection of DirectedEdge which leave a Node in a PlanarGraph
geos::geomgraph::DirectedEdgeStarA DirectedEdgeStar is an ordered list of outgoing DirectedEdges around a node
geos::algorithm::distance::DiscreteHausdorffDistanceAn algorithm for computing a distance metric which is an approximation to the Hausdorff Distance based on a discretization of the input Geometry
geos::operation::distance::DistanceOpFind two points on two Geometrys which lie within a given distance, or else are the nearest points on the geometries (in which case this also provides the distance between the geometries)
geos::index::quadtree::DoubleBitsDoubleBits manipulates Double numbers by using bit manipulation and bit-field extraction
geos::simplify::DouglasPeuckerLineSimplifierSimplifies a linestring (sequence of points) using the standard Douglas-Peucker algorithm
geos::simplify::DouglasPeuckerSimplifierSimplifies a Geometry using the standard Douglas-Peucker algorithm
geos::planargraph::EdgeRepresents an undirected edge of a PlanarGraph
geos::geomgraph::EdgeEndModels the end of an edge incident on a node
geos::operation::relate::EdgeEndBuilderComputes the geomgraph::EdgeEnd objects which arise from a noded geomgraph::Edge
geos::operation::relate::EdgeEndBundleA collection of geomgraph::EdgeEnd objects which originate at the same point and have the same direction
geos::operation::relate::EdgeEndBundleStarAn ordered list of EdgeEndBundle objects around a RelateNode
geos::geomgraph::EdgeEndStarA EdgeEndStar is an ordered list of EdgeEnds around a node
geos::geomgraph::EdgeNodingValidatorValidates that a collection of SegmentStrings is correctly noded
geos::operation::polygonize::EdgeRingRepresents a ring of PolygonizeDirectedEdge which form a ring of a polygon. The ring may be either an outer shell or a hole
geos::operation::overlay::EdgeSetNoderNodes a set of edges
geos::operation::linemerge::EdgeStringA sequence of LineMergeDirectedEdge forming one of the lines that will be output by the line-merging process
geos::precision::EnhancedPrecisionOpProvides versions of Geometry spatial functions which use enhanced precision techniques to reduce the likelihood of robustness problems
geos::geom::EnvelopeAn Envelope defines a rectangulare region of the 2D coordinate plane
geos::noding::FastNodingValidatorValidates that a collection of SegmentStrings is correctly noded
geos::noding::FastSegmentSetIntersectionFinderFinds if two sets of SegmentStringss intersect
geos::operation::overlay::validate::FuzzyPointLocatorFinds the most likely Location of a point relative to the polygonal components of a geometry, using a tolerance value
geos::geom::GeometryBasic implementation of Geometry, constructed and destructed by GeometryFactory
geos::geom::GeometryCollectionRepresents a collection of heterogeneous Geometry objects
geos::geom::GeometryFactorySupplies a set of utility methods for building Geometry objects from CoordinateSequence or other Geometry objects
geos::geom::GeometryFilterGeometry classes support the concept of applying a Geometry filter to the Geometry
geos::operation::GeometryGraphOperationThe base class for operations that require GeometryGraph
geos::geom::GeometryListManager of Geometry pointers. Owns the Geometries
geos::operation::geounion::GeometryListHolderHelper class holding Geometries, part of which are held by reference others are held exclusively
geos::operation::distance::GeometryLocationRepresents the location of a point on a Geometry
geos::precision::GeometryPrecisionReducerReduces the precision of a Geometry according to the supplied PrecisionModel, ensuring that the result is topologically valid
geos::operation::overlay::snap::GeometrySnapperSnaps the vertices and segments of a Geometry to another Geometry's vertices
geos::geom::util::GeometryTransformerA framework for processes which transform an input Geometry into an output Geometry, possibly changing its structure and type(s)
geos::util::GEOSExceptionBase class for all GEOS exceptions
geos::planargraph::GraphComponentThe base class for all graph component classes
geos::geomgraph::GraphComponentA GraphComponent is the parent class for the objects' that form a graph
geos::algorithm::HCoordinateRepresents a homogeneous coordinate in a 2-D coordinate space
geos::noding::snapround::HotPixelImplements a "hot pixel" as used in the Snap Rounding algorithm
geos::util::IllegalArgumentExceptionIndicates one or more illegal arguments
geos::util::IllegalStateExceptionIndicates an illegal state
geos::operation::valid::IndexedNestedRingTesterTests whether any of a set of LinearRings are nested inside another ring in the set, using a spatial index to speed up the comparisons
geos::algorithm::locate::IndexedPointInAreaLocatorDetermines the location of Coordinates relative to a Polygon or MultiPolygon geometry, using indexing for efficiency
geos::algorithm::InteriorPointAreaComputes a point in the interior of an areal geometry
geos::algorithm::InteriorPointLineComputes a point in the interior of an linear geometry
geos::algorithm::InteriorPointPointComputes a point in the interior of an point geometry
geos::noding::IntersectionFinderAdderFinds proper and interior intersections in a set of SegmentStrings, and adds them as nodes
geos::geom::IntersectionMatrixImplementation of Dimensionally Extended Nine-Intersection Model (DE-9IM) matrix
geos::index::strtree::AbstractSTRtree::IntersectsOpA test for intersection between two bounds, necessary because subclasses of AbstractSTRtree have different implementations of bounds
geos::index::bintree::IntervalRepresents an (1-dimensional) closed interval on the Real number line
geos::index::strtree::IntervalA contiguous portion of 1D-space. Used internally by SIRtree
geos::index::quadtree::IntervalSizeProvides a test for whether an interval is so small it should be considered as zero for the purposes of inserting it into a binary tree
geos::operation::IsSimpleOpTests whether a Geometry is simple
geos::operation::valid::IsValidOpImplements the algorithsm required to compute the isValid() method for Geometrys
geos::index::strtree::ItemBoundableBoundable wrapper for a non-Boundable spatial object. Used internally by AbstractSTRtree
geos::index::ItemVisitorA visitor for items in an index
geos::noding::IteratedNoderNodes a set of SegmentStrings completely
geos::index::bintree::KeyA Key is a unique identifier for a node in a tree
geos::index::quadtree::KeyA Key is a unique identifier for a node in a quadtree
geos::geomgraph::LabelA Label indicates the topological relationship of a component of a topology graph to a given Geometry. This class supports labels for relationships to two Geometrys, which is sufficient for algorithms for binary operations
geos::linearref::LengthIndexedLineSupports linear referencing along a linear Geometry using the length along the line as the index. Negative length values are taken as measured in the reverse direction from the end of the geometry. Out-of-range index values are handled by clamping them to the valid range of values. Non-simple lines (i.e. which loop back to cross or touch themselves) are supported
geos::linearref::LengthIndexOfPointComputes the length index of the point on a linear Geometry nearest a given Coordinate
geos::linearref::LinearIteratorAn iterator over the components and coordinates of a linear geometry (LineString or MultiLineString)
geos::linearref::LinearLocationRepresents a location along a LineString or MultiLineString
geos::geom::LinearRingModels an OGC SFS LinearRing
geos::operation::overlay::LineBuilderForms JTS LineStrings out of a the graph of geomgraph::DirectedEdge created by an OverlayOp
geos::algorithm::LineIntersectorA LineIntersector is an algorithm that can both test whether two line segments intersect and compute the intersection point if they do
geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeDirectedEdgeA planargraph::DirectedEdge of a LineMergeGraph
geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeEdgeAn edge of a LineMergeGraph. The marked field indicates whether this Edge has been logically deleted from the graph
geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergeGraphA planar graph of edges that is analyzed to sew the edges together
geos::operation::linemerge::LineMergerSews together a set of fully noded LineStrings
geos::operation::linemerge::LineSequencerBuilds a sequence from a set of LineStrings so that they are ordered end to end
geos::operation::overlay::snap::LineStringSnapperSnaps the vertices and segments of a LineString to a set of target snap vertices
geos::geom::LocationConstants representing the location of a point relative to a geometry
geos::linearref::LocationIndexedLineSupports linear referencing along a linear Geometry using LinearLocations as the index
geos::operation::overlay::MaximalEdgeRingA ring of edges which may contain nodes of degree > 2
geos::noding::MCIndexNoderNodes a set of SegmentString using a index based on index::chain::MonotoneChain and a index::SpatialIndex
geos::noding::snapround::MCIndexPointSnapper"Snaps" all SegmentStrings in a SpatialIndex containing MonotoneChains to a given HotPixel
geos::noding::MCIndexSegmentSetMutualIntersectorIntersects two sets of SegmentStrings using a index based on MonotoneChains and a SpatialIndex
geos::noding::snapround::MCIndexSnapRounderUses Snap Rounding to compute a rounded, fully noded arrangement from a set of SegmentString
geos::operation::overlay::MinimalEdgeRingA ring of Edges with the property that no node has degree greater than 2
geos::algorithm::MinimumDiameterComputes the minimum diameter of a geom::Geometry
geos::index::chain::MonotoneChainMonotone Chains are a way of partitioning the segments of a linestring to allow for fast searching of intersections
geos::index::chain::MonotoneChainBuilderConstructs MonotoneChains for sequences of Coordinates
geos::geom::MultiLineStringModels a collection of (}s
geos::geom::MultiPolygonModels a collection of Polygons
geos::noding::NodableSegmentStringAn interface for classes which support adding nodes to a segment string
geos::index::bintree::NodeA node of a Bintree
geos::index::quadtree::NodeRepresents a node of a Quadtree
geos::planargraph::NodeA node in a PlanarGraph is a location where 0 or more Edge meet
geos::index::bintree::NodeBaseThe base class for nodes in a Bintree
geos::index::quadtree::NodeBaseThe base class for nodes in a Quadtree
geos::noding::NodedSegmentStringRepresents a list of contiguous line segments, and supports noding the segments
geos::planargraph::NodeMapA map of Node, indexed by the coordinate of the node
geos::noding::NoderComputes all intersections between segments in a set of SegmentString
geos::algorithm::NotRepresentableExceptionIndicates that a HCoordinate has been computed which is not representable on the Cartesian plane
geos::noding::OctantMethods for computing and working with octants of the Cartesian plane
geos::operation::buffer::OffsetCurveBuilderComputes the raw offset curve for a single Geometry component (ring, line or point)
geos::operation::buffer::OffsetCurveSetBuilderCreates all the raw offset curves for a buffer of a Geometry
geos::operation::overlay::validate::OffsetPointGeneratorGenerates points offset from both sides of all segments in a geometry
geos::operation::buffer::OffsetSegmentStringA dynamic list of the vertices in a constructed offset curve
geos::noding::OrientedCoordinateArrayAllows comparing geom::CoordinateSequences in an orientation-independent way
geos::operation::overlay::OverlayNodeFactoryCreates nodes for use in the geomgraph::PlanarGraph constructed during overlay operations. NOTE: also used by operation::valid
geos::operation::overlay::overlayOpOverlayOp::overlayOp Adapter for use with geom::BinaryOp
geos::operation::overlay::OverlayOpComputes the geometric overlay of two Geometry
geos::operation::overlay::validate::OverlayResultValidatorValidates that the result of an overlay operation is geometrically correct within a determined tolerance
geos::io::ParseExceptionNotifies a parsing error
geos::planargraph::PlanarGraphRepresents a directed graph which is embeddable in a planar surface
geos::geomgraph::PlanarGraphRepresents a directed graph which is embeddable in a planar surface
geos::operation::overlay::PointBuilderConstructs geom::Point s from the nodes of an overlay graph
geos::operation::geounion::PointGeometryUnionComputes the union of a Puntal geometry with another arbitrary Geometry
geos::algorithm::PointLocatorComputes the topological relationship (Location) of a single point to a Geometry
geos::algorithm::locate::PointOnGeometryLocatorAn interface for classes which determine the Location of points in Polygon or MultiPolygon geometries
geos::geom::PolygonRepresents a linear polygon, which may include holes
geos::operation::overlay::PolygonBuilderForms Polygon out of a graph of geomgraph::DirectedEdge
geos::operation::polygonize::PolygonizeDirectedEdgeA DirectedEdge of a PolygonizeGraph, which represents an edge of a polygon formed by the graph
geos::operation::polygonize::PolygonizeGraphRepresents a planar graph of edges that can be used to compute a polygonization, and implements the algorithms to compute the EdgeRings formed by the graph
geos::operation::polygonize::PolygonizerPolygonizes a set of Geometrys which contain linework that represents the edges of a planar graph
geos::geom::PrecisionModelSpecifies the precision model of the Coordinate in a Geometry
geos::geom::prep::PreparedGeometryAn interface for classes which prepare Geometrys in order to optimize the performance of repeated calls to specific geometric operations
geos::geom::prep::PreparedGeometryFactoryA factory for creating PreparedGeometrys
geos::geom::prep::PreparedLineStringA prepared version of LinearRing, LineString or MultiLineString geometries
geos::geom::prep::PreparedLineStringIntersectsComputes the intersects spatial relationship predicate for a target PreparedLineString relative to all other Geometry classes
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPointA prepared version of Point or MultiPoint geometries
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPolygonA prepared version of Polygon or MultiPolygon geometries
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPolygonContainsComputes the contains spatial relationship predicate for a PreparedPolygon relative to all other Geometry classes
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPolygonContainsProperlyComputes the containsProperly spatial relationship predicate for PreparedPolygons relative to all other Geometry classes
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPolygonCoversComputes the covers spatial relationship predicate for a PreparedPolygon relative to all other Geometry classes
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPolygonIntersectsComputes the intersects spatial relationship predicate for PreparedPolygons relative to all other Geometry classes
geos::geom::prep::PreparedPolygonPredicateA base class for predicate operations on PreparedPolygons
geos::index::quadtree::QuadtreeA Quadtree is a spatial index structure for efficient querying of 2D rectangles. If other kinds of spatial objects need to be indexed they can be represented by their envelopes
geos::operation::valid::QuadtreeNestedRingTesterTests whether any of a set of LinearRings are nested inside another ring in the set, using a Quadtree index to speed up the comparisons
geos::algorithm::RayCrossingCounterCounts the number of segments crossed by a horizontal ray extending to the right from a given point, in an incremental fashion
geos::operation::intersection::RectangleClipping rectangle
geos::operation::predicate::RectangleContainsOptimized implementation of spatial predicate "contains" for cases where the first Geometry is a rectangle
geos::operation::intersection::RectangleIntersectionSpeed-optimized clipping of a Geometry with a rectangle
geos::operation::intersection::RectangleIntersectionBuilderRebuild geometries from subpaths left by clipping with a rectangle
geos::operation::predicate::RectangleIntersectsOptimized implementation of the "intersects" spatial predicate for cases where one Geometry is a rectangle
geos::operation::relate::RelateComputerComputes the topological relationship between two Geometries
geos::operation::relate::RelateNodeRepresents a node in the topological graph used to compute spatial relationships
geos::operation::relate::RelateNodeFactoryUsed by the geomgraph::NodeMap in a RelateNodeGraph to create RelateNode objects
geos::operation::relate::RelateNodeGraphImplements the simple graph of Nodes and geomgraph::EdgeEnd which is all that is required to determine topological relationships between Geometries
geos::operation::relate::RelateOpImplements the SFS relate() operation on two geom::Geometry objects
geos::operation::valid::RepeatedPointTesterImplements the appropriate checks for repeated points (consecutive identical coordinates) as defined in the JTS spec
geos::operation::buffer::RightmostEdgeFinderA RightmostEdgeFinder find the geomgraph::DirectedEdge in a list which has the highest coordinate, and which is oriented L to R at that point. (I.e. the right side is on the RHS of the edge.)
geos::algorithm::RobustDeterminantImplements an algorithm to compute the sign of a 2x2 determinant for double precision values robustly
geos::index::quadtree::RootQuadRoot is the root of a single Quadtree. It is centred at the origin, and does not have a defined extent
geos::index::bintree::RootThe root node of a single Bintree
geos::noding::ScaledNoderWraps a Noder and transforms its input into the integer domain
geos::noding::SegmentIntersectionDetectorDetects and records an intersection between two SegmentStrings, if one exists
geos::operation::predicate::SegmentIntersectionTesterTests if any line segments in two sets of CoordinateSequences intersect
geos::noding::SegmentIntersectorProcesses possible intersections detected by a Noder
geos::noding::SegmentNodeRepresents an intersection point between two NodedSegmentString
geos::noding::SegmentNodeListA list of the SegmentNode present along a NodedSegmentString
geos::noding::SegmentSetMutualIntersectorAn intersector for the red-blue intersection problem
geos::noding::SegmentStringAn interface for classes which represent a sequence of contiguous line segments
geos::noding::SegmentStringUtilUtility methods for processing SegmentStrings
geos::operation::sharedpaths::SharedPathsOpFind shared paths among two linear Geometry objects
geos::geom::util::ShortCircuitedGeometryVisitorA visitor to Geometry elements which can be short-circuited by a given condition
geos::precision::SimpleGeometryPrecisionReducerReduces the precision of a Geometry according to the supplied PrecisionModel, without attempting to preserve valid topology
geos::geomgraph::index::SimpleMCSweepLineIntersectorFinds all intersections in one or two sets of edges, using an x-axis sweepline algorithm in conjunction with Monotone Chains
geos::operation::valid::SimpleNestedRingTesterTests whether any of a set of LinearRings are nested inside another ring in the set, using a simple O(n^2) comparison
geos::noding::SimpleNoderNodes a set of SegmentStrings by performing a brute-force comparison of every segment to every other one
geos::algorithm::locate::SimplePointInAreaLocatorComputes the location of points relative to an areal Geometry, using a simple O(n) algorithm
geos::noding::snapround::SimpleSnapRounderUses Snap Rounding to compute a rounded, fully noded arrangement from a set of SegmentStrings
geos::geomgraph::index::SimpleSweepLineIntersectorFinds all intersections in one or two sets of edges, using a simple x-axis sweepline algorithm
geos::noding::SingleInteriorIntersectionFinderFinds an interior intersection in a set of SegmentString, if one exists. Only the first intersection found is reported
geos::index::strtree::SIRtreeOne-dimensional version of an STR-packed R-tree
geos::operation::overlay::snap::SnapIfNeededOverlayOpPerforms an overlay operation using snapping and enhanced precision to improve the robustness of the result
geos::operation::overlay::snap::SnapOverlayOpPerforms an overlay operation using snapping and enhanced precision to improve the robustness of the result
geos::index::intervalrtree::SortedPackedIntervalRTreeA static index on a set of 1-dimensional intervals, using an R-Tree packed based on the order of the interval midpoints
geos::index::SpatialIndexAbstract class defines basic insertion and query operations supported by classes implementing spatial index algorithms
geos::index::strtree::STRtreeA query-only R-tree created using the Sort-Tile-Recursive (STR) algorithm. For two-dimensional spatial data
geos::planargraph::SubgraphA subgraph of a PlanarGraph
geos::operation::buffer::SubgraphDepthLocaterLocates a subgraph inside a set of subgraphs, in order to determine the outside depth of the subgraph
geos::index::sweepline::SweepLineIndexA sweepline implements a sorted index on a set of intervals
geos::operation::valid::SweeplineNestedRingTesterTests whether any of a set of LinearRings are nested inside another ring in the set, using an index::sweepline::SweepLineIndex to speed up the comparisons
geos::simplify::TaggedLineSegmentA geom::LineSegment which is tagged with its location in a geom::Geometry
geos::simplify::TaggedLinesSimplifierSimplifies a collection of TaggedLineStrings, preserving topology (in the sense that no new intersections are introduced)
geos::simplify::TaggedLineStringContains and owns a list of TaggedLineSegments
geos::simplify::TaggedLineStringSimplifierSimplifies a TaggedLineString, preserving topology (in the sense that no new intersections are introduced). Uses the recursive Douglas-Peucker algorithm
geos::util::TopologyExceptionIndicates an invalid or inconsistent topological situation encountered during processing
geos::geomgraph::TopologyLocationA TopologyLocation is the labelling of a GraphComponent's topological relationship to a single Geometry
geos::simplify::TopologyPreservingSimplifierSimplifies a geometry, ensuring that the result is a valid geometry having the same dimension and number of components as the input
geos::operation::valid::TopologyValidationErrorContains information about the nature and location of a Geometry validation error
geos::geom::TriangleRepresents a planar triangle, and provides methods for calculating various properties of triangles
geos::util::UnsupportedOperationExceptionIndicates that the requested operation is unsupported
geos::io::WKBReaderReads a Geometry from Well-Known Binary format
geos::io::WKBWriterWrites a Geometry into Well-Known Binary format
geos::io::WKTReaderWKT parser class; see also WKTWriter
geos::io::WKTWriterOutputs the textual representation of a Geometry. See also WKTReader